The Pros & Cons of Tile Countertops

Tiles serve as one of the most popular options for designing kitchen countertops. Before you decide to install them, you must consider both its pros and cons to get a clearer picture. We’ll start with discussing each of its components in detail, which will be followed by a brief comparison table.

Looks Do Matter!

Undoubtedly, tile countertops flaunt a lovely appearance! If installed properly, they can lend an elegant touch to the place. You can completely customize the space with bright colored tiles and update the look of your otherwise dull kitchen interiors. The best part is, you get a lot of options in terms of textures and patterns to complement different decorative schemes.

Tile Countertop

Humble Kitchen Countertop Layout

Cost or Investment?

An expense incurred on a valued asset is definitely an investment. If you are wondering about the durability of tiles as they are a little inexpensive, we would like to bail you out of this dilemma as tiles are considered to be extremely durable in nature. Another benefit of using tile countertops is that you don’t have to replace them for many years as they maintain their sheen, which saves your money in the long run too.

But, we cannot ignore the fact that tile countertops are prone to cracks. Once you drop a heavy object on its surface, a tile or two may get cracked. When it breaks, replacing the tile is the only option. In some cases it gets problematic as there are chances that you might not be able to find the exact match.

Kitchen Countertop

Amazing Kitchen Countertop Interior

Grout Joints Need to Be Sealed When Required

For maintaining tile countertops, you need to take the pain of sealing the grout joints every year. The grout joints between the tiles can get a little stained and are difficult to maintain. You need to immediately wipe any spilled liquids or food to keep the grout joints clean and clear.

Also, when the food gets stuck between the grout joints, it becomes difficult to clean that section with just a rag. The uneven surface of connected tiles contributes even more to the cleaning time of these countertops.

Basic Characteristics of Tile Countertops

A kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be constructed with just one variety of tile. Instead, a combination of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and others can work well to create an eclectic display. Porcelain tiles are slightly better than ceramic tiles as they are harder and less porous. Generally, tiles are sealed in a fashion that can help to reduce the chances of stain damage. Like any other major kitchen construction or remodeling projects, the pros and cons of tile countertops must be carefully studied and evaluated before finalizing the decision. For a quick comparison, here are the pros and cons of tile countertops:

Mosaic Tiles

Modern Mosaic Tiles

The Pros of Tile Countertops

  • Availability of Countless Options: You get countless options in terms of colors, size, and pattern in tiles. The beauty of the tiles lies in the fact that they can create a new and welcoming environment as well as complement the existing decor.
  • Ease of Cleaning: You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy cleaning agents, as cleaning tile countertop is extremely hassle-free.
  • Heat Resistance: The surface of tile countertops offers great resistance to heat emitted from pans and pots.
  • Ease of Replacement: On a tile’s breakage, you can just replace the broken tile with a new one, instead of replacing all the tiles.
  • Uneven Surface: The main disadvantage of tile countertops is that they do not provide a smooth surface. Even if you use large tiles, you will need to get a fair amount of grouting done.
  • Prone to Cracks: The other disadvantage of tile countertops is that although they are durable, they are comparatively more prone to cracks and chipping than its other contemporaries.

The Cons of Tile Countertops

So, while you finalize the decision of building or redecorating your kitchen with tile countertops, you should closely consider its pros and cons. Installation of tile countertops is a great alternative, which comes with the promise of durability, but like most kitchen products, they too need some care and maintenance.

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