Universal Design Tips For Your kitchen:

Universal Design Tips  For Your kitchen:

  • Provide enough space in base cabinets to allow room for wheelchairs.
  • Have differing counter heights and incorporate pull-out boards that lock in place for use as extra counter space.
  • Mount faucets to the right or left of the sink instead of behind it.
  • Install appliances at reachable levels for efficient removal of food. Consider installing single ovens side-by-side and microwave ovens, microwave ovens 8 to  10 inches off the finished counter..
  • Elevate dishwashers for accessibility or use dishwasher drawers placed on either side of the sink. Front-loading laundry washers and dryers can also be elevated.
  • Choose appliances with easy-to-read controls for safety.

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Universal Design Tips For Your kitchen:
Universal Design Tips For Your kitchen:

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