White Glossy Kitchens: Peek In & Explore If These Are For You!

When refurbishing your kitchen, you may not immediately consider an all-white or an all-black décor. The reason is simple—they seem like two extreme choices and the very idea seems non-conformist, almost overwhelming. However, we are brave enough to explore these kitchen-refurbishing options, taking upon each option systematically. In today’s discussion, the spotlight is on all-white kitchens.

Getting Started With All-White Décor Basics

Decorating your kitchen is usually equated with making it brighter, more colorful or at least using some neutral, subtle shades. However, an all-white theme may not make it to your list of considerations. The very mention of white kitchen decors conjures images of surfaces getting easily soiled, needing unending hours of maintenance. However, the reality is pleasantly different. We have been scouting kitchen ensembles across the nation and the latest from the world of interior kitchen designing trends insists that all-white kitchen themes are very progressive, indicative of an elite taste and don’t present any major maintenance hassles. What is generally considered placid white is actually pristine and comes in a range of hues. From milky whites to creamy whites and those with high-gloss finish, white surfaces come with a wide range of options.

All-White Kitchen Décor: To Whom Does It Appeal?

If you are a fan of minimalistic designs then white glossy kitchens are undoubtedly a great choice for you. Glossy surfaces might need more than an occasional dry wipe but invariably they make the ambiance look calming, very different from the blur of colors found in conventional kitchens. White is an unassuming canvas where you can contrast it with the brightest colors to give your kitchen an unusual, always-fresh appeal. A kitchen’s IceWhite Finish creates more light-reflecting surfaces that work towards making the room appear bigger, more spacious.

Those willing to try the glossy white kitchen theme can consider the following options:

1. Patterns & Contrast

It might seem we are exaggerating but yes, there are patterns and contrasts to explore even when working with white in your kitchen. This works wonderfully well for folks who are artistically inclined but don’t prefer bold shades. Here, a minimal dose of color in different textures and finishing works beautifully with white surrounds. For instance, if the color of your cabinets and shelves is white, add some fun with kitchen stools in burnt orange or tiling backsplash in bright blue. More textured contrasts come in the form of tiles—Terracotta, Victorian and Ceramic.  Then there are folks who like subdued surrounds. Here, frosted white combined with glossy white can be a very different approach.

 2. Add Drama with Unconventional Monochromatic Patterns

You must be guessing we will pitch the good old black & white theme but wait! There is something different trending in the world of kitchen interiors. Rather than choosing the classic black & white monochrome theme, try metallic surfaces or those with a steel or bronzed finish in the kitchen. This is contrast that is bound to grab attention. Firstly, glossy white kitchen surfaces are expected to be contrasted with surfaces sans luster. However, metallic surfaces can be equally lustrous, creating an element of surprise. Other unconventional options include monochromatic kitchen décor patterns using black stained wood and glossy white kitchen cabinets. If you find an excess of white in the kitchen, offset the effect with chairs and stools in dark, woody finishing.

 3. Vintage is Timeless

When we think vintage in the kitchen, we usually associate it with slightly distressed surfaces. Glossy white surfaces seem like the exact opposite but then, you can do things differently to create a unique aura. We are talking about creating a contrasting theme that is least likely to be found in household kitchens, i.e. putting together fine, white surfaces and slightly distressed, industrial elements. Options include distressed wood, exposed bricks and quirky accessories that come without a lustrous surface. The contrast works in a surprising way. It accentuates the presence of the glossy white theme while the industrial elements ensure that the all-white surroundings don’t become predictable.

4. Create a Single Point of Contrasted Accent

There are many ways to create the right type of contrast in an all-white kitchen. However, the options might confuse you. There is an easier alternative, so humble you won’t believe no one has told you this before. Choose one wall, the most visible of all the walls in your kitchen space and paint in a contrastingly warm color. Consider yellows, maroons and reddish hues. Choose a paint with a textured finish rather than the glossy variety—this is called an accent wall. The shade could also make-up for something missing in your kitchen’s décor. For instance, if the space is starved of natural light, sunshine yellow can be a very smart choice.

 Making the White Ambience Work Better for Your Kitchen

  • Lighting: most kitchen design bloggers preach about using lighting to accentuate the space, make it look more spacious but when you are in an all-white kitchen, things are slightly different. Unless you are living in a bachelor pad, your kitchen necessarily doesn’t need more space-maximizing efforts. However, what you can do is use smarter lighting options to make the décor look even more appealing. Try using a combination of warm, diffuse lighting with minimal task lighting. Adding lighting under cabinets also adds another dimension to the white theme.
  • Using Mirrors: again, we are advising you otherwise, not to blindly follow the general wisdom of using mirrors to create the illusion of more space in your kitchen. Yes, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the approach but with a predominantly white kitchen décor you don’t want to overdo this. One smart way of using mirrors in a glossy white kitchen is to get the angles right. There will always be surfaces in the kitchen that don’t get sufficient illumination or are unintentionally concealed. This where you can use mirrors to ensure the glossiness is evenly spread across the kitchen. Reflective surfaces tend to multiply the impact of the most minimum amount of sheen.

The Holiday Season Consideration

With the holiday season upon us, there is another reason to consider an all-white kitchen theme. Celebrations invariably mean the use of brighter, happy colors in the form of decorations and lights. With a white background, the visual impact of these decoratives gets an instant boost!

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