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Enhance Your Kitchen


One of the most dramatic ways to transform your kitchen into a specticular space is by adding lighting. Besides natural light, there are three basic types of lights you can use to enhance your kitchen;
  • General lighting allows you to utilize your kitchen safely, example; recessed lighting and pendant lights.
  •  Task Lighting - Puts light where it is needed to perform a task, example, Under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lights are usually strip or single "puck" lights.
  • Accent or Decorative lighting are designed to show off the kitchen, example interior cabinet lighting

Pulls and Knobs

The hardware you choose for your cabinets can make or break the overall look of the kitchen, since they serve as a decorative enhancement. Be mindful of your faucet and appliances when choosing your hardware.


Your kitchen sink is the most used plumbing fixture in your home. So take the time to give some thought to its look and feel. Consider how many bowls you may need and their sizes. Bowls range from one to three and can be identical or vary in size and depth. Deeper bowls are now more popular. Stainless steel sinks remain an excellent option since they are relatively inexpensive, easy to find and install. Be mindful of the gauge of your sink.


Always choose a quality faucet that will provide years of service. Buy a name you can trust. Keep in mind the style, finish, spout type, type of control and kind of sprayer, if any.