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  • *Solid Birch Door Frame
  • *Carb2 Certified
  • *Raised Square Door Panel
  • *Door Center is MDF with Birch Veneer
  • *Full Overlay, Butt Doors
  • *½” A-Grade Plywood Wall/Base Sides
  • *¾” Adjustable Shelves
  • *Epoxy Coated Metal Undermount Glides
  • *Dovetail Drawers, Adjustable Hinges
  • *Interior/Sides color matches door color
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Discount Honey Kitchen Cabinets

At Stock Cabinet Express, you’ll find a huge variety of honey kitchen cabinets that are perfectly suited to add new life to your kitchen! We guarantee that you won’t find higher quality products at better prices – we sell every item far below the original list price, so you’ll never have to worry about finding a better deal anywhere else.

Features of K Series Honey Kitchen Cabinets

Our K Series honey kitchen cabinets feature solid birch door frames, raised square door panels, and door centers that are MDF with birch veneer. You’ll enjoy the epoxy-coated metal undermount glides, the dovetail drawers, and adjustable hinges and shelves. The interiors and sides of our cabinets match the color of the doors, too. With full overlay butt doors and ½” A-grade plywood wall/base sides, high quality is affordable, and our cabinets are also Carb2 certified – a feature only available on the highest quality items in the industry.


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