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Organize Your Kitchen with Pantry Cabinets

By: Nivea Miller

Does your kitchen have a pantry cabinet? If so, does it offer sufficient storage? If you're like most people, you have a ton of things in your kitchen that needs storing. From canned goods to spices to small appliances, it can be quite annoying trying to find a space to fit things sometimes. That's why it's extremely important to take your storage needs into account when doing a kitchen remodel. Every thing should have its place, and you shouldn't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what that place is. When it comes to kitchen storage, kitchen pantry cabinets are your best bet for optimum storage space.

At StockCabinetExpress, all of our lines offer kitchen pantry cabinets with widths of either 18" or 24". The 18"-wide pantry cabinets come with two doors (one on the top and a longer one on the bottom), separated by a fixed horizontal partition. The 24"-wide pantry cabinets are equipped with a total of four doors (two on the top, two on the bottom), also separated by a partition. These pantry cabinets are 24" deep but can be decreased for an additional charge if necessary. Depending on the height of your ceiling and the size of your wall cabinets, you'll need to choose from heights of 84", 90", and 96". The 84" high cabinets are best with 30" high wall cabinets, 90" goes best with 36", and 96" goes best with 42". These large pantry sizes offer you the opportunity for maximum storage.

Aside from the fixed partition, our kitchen pantry cabinets come with adjustable shelving to accommodate your particular needs. As an upgrade, you have the option to install roll-out trays to allow you better access to your goods. For additional organization and access, consider adding a pantry pull-out which can be purchased separately and later installed. Depending on your pantry size, it can also double as a broom closet if necessary. With the right pantry cabinet, you can eliminate much of the hassle that comes with trying to organize your kitchen.

No kitchen can be completely organized without the right kitchen pantry cabinet. Shop kitchen pantry cabinets today at StockCabinetExpress.

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