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By : John D Cunningham

Kitchens: Clutter Free and Pretty

By John D Cunningham

Kitchens today have increasingly become the focal point of the house. It is now the places where families congregate for a light meal and the kitchen has even become a place to entertain guests. What happens after all the children finished their snacks or a glass of juice; they leave their bags and books in the kitchen especially if they just came home from school. High traffic means clutter, too.

By planning a design that would somehow create a minimalist look and less cluttered is the secret. Take a look at some practical design elements and fixtures and putting considerations on the amount of activity. This makes functionality well defined and organization techniques will become efficient. Emphasis on space and design makes food preparation much faster as well as enforces organizational routine. The functions of each area will be well defined like where to put large cookware or where to tuck knives, where to put used plates for washing and ingredients to use when cooking. Not only do you become productive kitchens become more attractive.

Fitting Fixtures


Furniture should help control clutter and become a big help when chosen properly to attain your goals to have a well organized kitchen. Optimize each space to create or fit a large storage and determine for which equipment such storage space is for like kitchen tools or dry goods. Adjustable shelves are also a perfect choice in storing those bulky and odd shaped kitchen utensils.

Open Shelves

This is the simplest and cost effective substitute to a more pricey cabinetry. Open shelves provides a direct view of what's on display so it encourages organized storage all the time. The advantages for using open shelves are easy inventory and allow you a display area for some of your kitchen décor collections to stand along your kitchen tools and gadgetry. If your space permits you may opt to buy those freestanding shelves made of wood, stainless steel or those with vibrant colors to brighten up your space. The best type is the adjustable ones which gives you options as to the height of items to put in.

Slide-Out Storage Rack

Makes things you're looking for or need in a hurry easy to see what's inside and grab it quickly. Time saving for busy Moms with equally busy households.

Thin Pantry Caddy

Because of it's size, you can easily squeeze it in gaps and bits of available space. It's lightweight and has rollers so even kids can easily push and pull when looking for an item. This is also a cheap alternative when planning to organize.

Undersink Storage Shelves

Ready made and inexpensive customized shelves that you can fit in any unused space and instantly create an organizer. Ideal for cleaning aids and chemicals which should be stored away from children's reach and away from food supplies. It's a good idea to make this cupboard lockable so that young children are kept at bay.

Well executed plans to maximize existing layout and space prove to be valuable. You don't need to have a big kitchen with a lot of space, it's how you maximize your space and choose a design that makes your kitchens not just functional but also well organized.

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