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Assessing Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs

So you've decided to remodel your kitchen. By this point you probably have a ton of neat ideas floating around in your mind, maybe you have a scrapbook of magazine clippings, or maybe you have a Pinterest board dedicated to your new kitchen (if not, it's definitely not a bad idea to get one). But before you get too ahead of yourself, you have to be sure that your new kitchen will accommodate the needs of you and your family members. We've compiled this questionnaire to help guide you along in assessing precisely how you use your kitchen space and what changes will need to be made to make working in your kitchen a more efficient and pleasant experience.

Use of Space

What activities normally take place in your kitchen?

Paying Bills

What is the size of your family?

How many people usually cook in your kitchen?

Do you have any small children, elderly parents, or disabled members that will be using this kitchen?

Do you have any pets that may use the space?

Layout & Efficiency of Space

Are you able to move freely in your current kitchen?

Is foot traffic directed away from the cooking area?

Do you currently have a sufficient amount of countertop space?

Do you currently have enough cabinet space?

Do you have designated work areas?

Do you have directed task lighting above your work areas?

Are your sink, refrigerator, stove, and microwave conveniently located?

Organization & Storage

Do you currently have sufficient storage space?

What type of storage do you prefer?

Open shelves
Roll-out trays

What kinds of items will you need to store away?

Small appliances
Wine bottles/stemware
Storage containers
Pots & pans
Canned goods
Large utensils

Which storage options do you think are absolutely crucial to organizing your kitchen?

Lazy susan
Appliance garage
Spice rack
Plate rack
Wine rack
Microwave cabinet
Wastebasket/recycling cabinet

Appliances, Sinks & Faucets

Are you keeping your old appliances or purchasing new ones?

Will your new appliances be the same sizes as your old ones?

Does your cooking area have a good ventilation system?

What kind of sink will best meet your needs?

What kind of faucet do you prefer? (Learn how to choose your kitchen faucet here.)

Electrical & Plumbing

Do you have enough electrical outlets to accommodate your small appliances and other devices?

Are your electrical outlets conveniently located?

If moving your large appliances, are there electrical outlets located where you'd like to move them?

Will you be moving your current sink or adding an additional sink to your kitchen?


What is your style preference?

What type of wood species do you prefer? (Learn more about the different wood species we offer.)

Is there any particular color scheme that you'd like to incorporate?

Which countertop material will work best for you?

What kind of hardware, if any, will you use on your cabinets? Knobs? Pulls?

Keeping your budget and style preference in mind, what kind of decorative accents would you like in your new kitchen?

Bead boards
Decorative end doors
Decorative legs
Glass doors

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