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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

10x10 kitchen for $1,517
Ice White Shaker
10x10 kitchen for $1,589
Pepper Shaker
10x10 kitchen for $1,589

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You may have seen sleek and sophisticated-looking modern kitchens on interior design magazines and websites and thought that those designs were probably out of your price range. Fortunately for you, this is simply untrue. You can achieve these in-style looks with affordable stock cabinets. Our lines of cabinetry feature a number of modern RTA kitchen cabinets, and with the right accessory choices, you can achieve a high-end modern look for a fraction of the usual price.

To achieve the perfect modern kitchen, simplicity is key. Modern kitchens are all about straight, horizontal lines and sleek, unadorned elements. Frameless, flat panel or shaker-style kitchen cabinets are the centerpiece of modern kitchens. The understated design of these cabinets lends itself to that smooth and seamless look that characterize modern kitchens. They also make a great foundation for sleek and unembellished hardware, such as long stainless steel or chrome pulls. Simple stainless steel appliances tend to pair well with these cabinets because they blend in and contribute to the polished, uniform look that define modern kitchens. Skip the fancy corbels and other lavish adornments and let the simplicity of the design be the star.

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