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By : Jennifer Waller

Granite is one of the hardest forms of carbon and is used for a variety of purposes. Its use has increased in recent years in the construction industry and now it is also used in interior décor. Kitchen tops, bathroom counters, floors, cabinets and other places are now regularly fitted with granite chips to boost their aesthetic profile and give them a strong protection. It is available in different colors and textures thus giving greater design flexibility.

People interested in this material should also take into account granite colors that they can use in their kitchens, bathrooms, floors or any other place where they want these tiles to be installed. The good thing is that the material is available in dozens of colors and textures and it will not be difficult for them to pick the best among the diverse variety available. Some of the more popular colors are mentioned below.

Black remains one of the most popular granite colors and many people want their kitchen tops and other places to be furnished with this color. It is an encouraging factor that black color is easily available and offers a multitude of designs. Black is the perfect color for kitchen tops as it gives a great combination and contrast to all types of hues used in the kitchen cabinets, sinks, refrigerators and other appliances. You can also go for black counter tops if you have a single color dominating your kitchen décor; it will look great nevertheless.

You can also match the color of granite with your cabinets and other appliances. You can select a uniform scheme. If your cabinets and other appliances are in the shades of blue then you can decide to buy granite of that color. Brown combination will also go well for this color setting. Contrast is a better idea than a uniform color code. You should add new dimensions to your kitchen and only a contrast will brighten up the space to a greater degree.

Other colors can also be used in kitchens and other places. Red is not the favorite color of most people but it will look good in a kitchen or bathroom that has shades of crimson and other color combinations. All you need to do is to pay attention to details and decide clearly about the color combination that you are going to use. Things will become easier once you reach this decision.

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