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Not all cabinets are created equal, so how is one supposed to know which ones are superior and which ones are inferior? Fortunately, you don’t have to know everything there is to know about cabinetry to have an idea about the quality of the ones you’re looking at.

While browsing our gallery of cabinets, you may have noticed a blue and white seal that marks our products as certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers of America (KCMA). You may have also seen this seal on products you’ve checked out in your local showrooms and on online stores. This is the mark that you should look for if you’re in the market for quality cabinetry (and honestly, who isn’t?).

Now, what does this seal mean exactly? The KCMA stamp of approval lets you know that the cabinet you’re looking at meets the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This means that the cabinet has gone through a battery of tests used to simulate years of typical household usage.

Of course, not every single cabinet that is manufactured can be tested individually. With the number of manufacturers all over the U.S. alone, that would just be a logistical nightmare. Instead, an independent, third-party lab selects test samples during an unannounced surprise visit to a manufacturing plant. They then run these samples through the following extensive tests:

  • - Five structural tests to measure the overall structural integrity of the cabinets

  • - Two drawer tests to ensure that the drawers still retain proper functionality over time

  • - Two door operation tests to measure durability and resistance to impact

  • - Four finish tests to measure resistance to heat, cold, and food stains. These tests also measure how the samples hold up to exposure to moisture such as detergent and water solutions.

Only manufacturers whose sample cabinets pass the fourteen tests mentioned above are given license to affix the seal on their products. In our case, the manufacturer is Forevermark. All of their – and by extension, our – products have the KCMA seal, marking them as among the most durable and investment-worthy cabinetry available today.

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